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About us

We are Chelsea and Brandi, the makers behind Anemone

Anemone is an Ottawa-based pottery company made up of two besties that love to travel and make pottery together. Each bringing their own distinctive style to the collaboration, they thoughtfully create each piece by hand from start to finish.

Their work includes a mix of wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery, with an emphasis on functionality. Using Canadian clay and glazes that have been made in-house from raw materials, the pair creates highly durable wares that are designed to withstand the love of everyday use. 

Anemone was born out of a desire to pursue more meaningful work and practice creativity in their daily lives. What began as a passionate hobby has become a full-time career for Brandi (a.k.a the lucky one), while Chelsea continues to pursue her passion in her spare time while working as a public servant. 

We are so grateful for your support, which has enabled us to make this craft part of our daily lives!