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I’m Chelsea, the maker behind anemone pottery studio.

I took my first pottery class in Ottawa back in 2018. The wheel quickly became a place that I could go for myself, to clear my mind and just be. Pottery continues to be a major outlet for me, and a welcome retreat from my job as a public servant.

I focus primarily on wheel thrown pottery, with an emphasis on functionality and rustic minimalism. As an avid gardener and environmentalist, my pieces are often adorned with hand painted images from my surrounding environment. I believe that handmade pottery is a representation of slow living and minimalism. Forged from natural materials and shaped by the hands of the maker, each vessel invites us to think about the origin of the piece and how it came to be in our hands.

Anemone was born out of a desire to pursue more meaningful work and practice creativity in my daily life. What started as a one woman operation out of a spare bedroom, has grown to an entire studio based out of my home in Constance Bay, just outside Ottawa, Ontario. I am so grateful for your support, which has enabled me to make this craft part of my daily life.